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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was taking it slow this weekend. Too much running around tired me out. Camping plan for the weekend was ruined due to the rainy Friday, so I was just hanging out around town and at home.

An unexpected trip to the mall on Saturday lead me to Claire's. I always check out the sign in front of the store, as Claire's often do the "10 for $10" promotion for discounted items. I found this sale pretty good, considering most of the items were already half price from their original price (ranged anywhere under CAD10) and now are at CAD1 each. It has never been hard for me to choose 10 items to get, as there were earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tights, cosmetics, etc. to choose from. Yes, I have hauled more than once from similar sales at Claire's and this haul is the latest.
I got 3 cute neclaces, 2 pairs of earrings (one of which matched one of the necklaces), a pair of rainbow socks, a roll of foam wrapper (supposed to be multi purpose: gift wrap, hair band, etc), a small palette of glittery shadows (fun to play with), a small wallet (for my membership cards at different stores - I ran out of space in my wallet for them), and a Hello Kitty notebook for Squirt. She complained that it wasn't fair if I didn't get anything for her :-)

Remember the jewelry holder I got from Icing for CAD5? I transfered most of the long earrings from the old earring holders to this new one, as it could hold a lot more, and could accomodate the length better. This is the front - the necklaces fit well with the hooks and a few of my favorite earrings. As I said before, these items are all from Claire's (for CAD1 each) with some from Ardene's sale long time ago for around CAD1-2 each.
The other side houses more long earrings and some shorter ones. There are still lots of space on top and the other 2 sides of the holder, which explain why I love it so much. See how it works out perfectly? I left a few pairs on one of the old holders for daily wear and probably will give the unused one to my sister. Next time when I go to Micmac, I'll check out Claire's there too, as believe me, they carry quite different stocks. I have got some great tights for work, and nice necklaces from one store and couldn't find any similar ones at the other. That's the benefit of having 2 stores around the city.

My trip to Shoppers was fruitful as well. They were having bonus 15,000 Optimum points in the weekend and I wasn't gonna bother with that, as $75 purchase is quite big. But I somehow managed such a big purchase without trying - gotta blame the good sale there, I guess, lol. Mind you, it wasn't all cosmetics, as I got some household stuff as well.
First off, King & Queen's Royal Favorite shower gel set. The set was on sale for almost half price (from CAD13 down to CAD6) with 5 different scents (honey, jasmin, cinnamon orange, mango and lemon). I'm new to this brand and thought they are fun to try out. The bottles are 30ml, so convenient for travel as well.

The little Rimmel shadow in the middle is from the Shoppers-exclusive Color Rush Special Effect collection, on sale for CAD3. The crown detail was what got me at the first place. I got After Dark which is a black with sparkly grey in the middle, hoping to practice some smokey looks after. The little concealer tube on the left corner was from Maybelline Mineral Power line, on sale for 25% off, plus a $2 coupon from "My MNY". It is a Free Maybelline New York Personalize Beauty Guide that comes with saving couponsb, good until the end of June. And if you use them all before the expiry date, you'll receive some surprise gift from Maybelline. If you are into Maybelline products, give it a try.

The Annabelle's mono shadows were on sale for CAD3 each. I got 2 pallettes before at CAD5x4 each, so this is totally a steal that it now only sets me back at CAD12 ($8 saving). I got Indigo Glow, Sugar Dust, Bronze Idol and Divine Diva (I know, this colour talks to me every time, can't pass it up). Alert: the offer of free compact when you buy 4 shadows is still valid. There's no notes near the shelf or anything, but the cashier told me I could get one from the cosmetic rep, so I did. Save some money right there. So remember to ask for the free compact when you get your shadows.

Last items are Saly Hansen Insta-Dri polish. My Insta-Dri "army" only has 3 "soldiers" before this haul, as I had a hard time finding the shades at good price. Shoppers had them for CAD4, not as good as the clearance price of CAD3 at Lawton, but I don't think I could find anymore that cheap, so I might as well grab the colours I want before they are all gone. It's hard to see from the picture, but I got Jumpin' Jade (gorgeous dark green), Blazing Blue and Uptempo Plum. Love them.

There you have it. Sorry if the long post tires you out, as I tried to provide enough details for your purchase decision :-) Please note that I am not working for any brands I featured on the blog, just plainly from a consumer point of view. I don't get paid to write about promotions or deals.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I can't believe I went this long without knowing you had a blog! I am so ashamed of myself!! :)

    Hey, how are those Insta-Dri polishes? I've heard mixed reviews but haven't actually tried them out myself yet.

  2. I wasn't doing much PR for my blog :-) Will keep you updated with the polish review

  3. Heyy! I found you on Megs Make up and i just love your blog! What a great haul..I LOVE that earring holder and is Annabelle a Canadian brand?

  4. Thank you for your sweet words. I actually have been a reader of your blog :-) Yep, that's the best jewelry holder for me so far. And yes, Annabelle is a Canadian brand

  5. AH! our annabelle wasn't on sale for that cheap! BOOOOOo lol. Wish they were cause I really want to pick up a bunch. I like their pigmentation (though it seems to vary slightly from store to store :T)

    I'm loving your hauls, makes me so jealous of all these deals^^

  6. I just assumed Shoppers' flyers are the same country-wise, maybe they aren't :-) Hope they will be on sale again

  7. No they aren't always the same advertised price across the country~ the regular prices aren't consistent across either.

    today was 20x the points event, so I got 4 at the regular price :T, and I figured I would ask about the palette.

    Yes you can still get them for free, but only if they still have free ones available. I remember the sign saying 'limited quantity', so if they haven't given out all those, then it is free. Cause I asked, and I was told yes it was, and so I put one in my basket. When I went to check out, she checked under the counter for one, and when she realized she didn't have any told me that technically I was supposed to pay for the palette cause they had none left, but seeing as she told me it was free, would give it to me anyway. Nice SA~ :)

    (lol sorry for the essay of a comment :P)