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Bite Beauty Spring Fling set

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am late posting about Bite Beauty Spring Fling set which is unfortunately no longer available on Sephora website. It is still worth telling you about, if you can find it in store or need swatches for the shades included, so here goes.

I have wanted to try Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks when they were first released, so the set fills the need perfectly with 3 deluxe Amuse Bouche lipsticks in Gazpacho, Verbena, Beetroot (0.05oz vs. full size 0.15oz, reg. $30), a full sized Line and Define lip primer and a branded mirror in a heart-printed small and long makeup bag.

Size comparison between the mini lipsticks and the full sized Line and Define lip primer.

Gazpacho is described as a blue toned red, Beetroot a bold berry - the 2 bold shades in the set. They are great and yes, bold, but Verbena, a rose terracotta, turns out to be my favorite in the bunch (surprise?).

Can't say I notice a formula difference between the Amuse Bouche and the now-discontinued lipstick line at Bite, but as long as they keep making good lipsticks (pigmentation and feel wise), I will not complain. They wear reasonably well but do wear off with food and drinks.

The Line and Define lip primer (0.05oz, $25) is said to have lauroyl lysine (derivative from coconut oil) and silica, besides Resveratrol, jojoba oil and argan oil, to nourish the lips and prevent feathering, paired perfectly with the shades in this set. I do not normally use a primer on my lips but when it comes in great value within the set, I'll embrace it with open arms.

Note that the lipsticks and primer have a refreshing minty scent to them. The set was originally $46 ($60 value), reduced to $35 at one point on Sephora sale page.


  1. Verbena is definitely my favorite, too. They're all super pretty, but Verbena is the only one I could see myself wearing.

  2. I think I would like Verbena the best also. That's interesting that they have a minty scent. I think that would be nice. I totally understand being late posting a review, that happens to me once in awhile too. It's easy to get very busy with lots of things, and reviews, to do.