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OPI Hello Kitty collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

We cannot deny the fact that OPI Hello Kitty collection is very cute :) I appreciate the special details on the cap but wish it was printed on instead of being a plastic sleeve.

Start with this beautiful blue cream called My Pal Joey, one coat, definitely great on its own. Adding a layer of Charmmy & Sugar, a pink and gold glitter (various sizes), bring the mani to the duochrome territory. It is a lot more beautiful in person.

2 more colours that we don't normally expect in a Hello Kitty collection - Never Have Too Mani Friends!, an opaque black cream, and Let's Be Friends, a cotton candy pink cream. A perfect black and (almost) white pair!

On to the obvious colour options for the famous cat :) Spoken from the Heart is a coral pink and 5 Apple Tall, a bright apple red cream, is just a tad more red. Pick your poison.

Super Cute in Pink is a blue toned pink which I can see myself wearing (I am not a fan of pinks, as you know). Starry-eyed for Dear Daniel is in similar tone, just a lot more glittery:)

Then these pinks are very Hello Kitty-y for the girly girls - Look at my Bow!, a darker pink cream and Small + Cute = ♥, a very pale pink.

To wrap up the collection, here is My Twin Mimmy, a sunny yellow cream, opaque in 2 coats and not streaky. Kitty White is a pearly white with micro shimmers, slightly sheer so I recommend to layer it up, but not on top of a different colour though (see my pinky).

Other than the overwhelming amount of pinks, I enjoy this collection quite a bit.


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