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NOTDs: OPI Starlight collection II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Second half of OPI Starlight collection today, starting with Cosmo With a Twist. Described as a dark purple with purple and blue micro shimmers with subtle duochrome effect, it looks dark navy most of the time (because of the strong blue shimmers) except around the edges of the nails.

I topped it up with Infrared-y to Glow, similar odd shapes Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite from the first batch (linked above) has but in gold and rose colours.

A deliciously dark pairing with Guys & Galaxies, an almost-jelly dark maroon red and I'm in The Moon for Love, a shimmery plum.

Some "sister" pairings next. There happened to be quite a few similar colour tones in silver and almost black in the collection, with different finishes.  

No More Mr. Night Sky is a dark shimmery grey with silver flecks that only become "vocal" at removal. They go everywhere from my cuticles up and require an extra cotton pad to clean up.

Super Star Status made my head spin the first time I applied it, as it turned out to be a silver textured glitter on a grey tinted base.

I totally did not expect to see a texture in the mix of this collection, but it is the holiday after all, anything goes. It sure glows in the bottle but there was no indication of the texture on the packaging.

Center of The You-niverse is obviously a lot darker, with a shimmery and almost jelly finish.  

Is This Star Taken? has short holographic bar glitters in the mix, but are quite hidden once applied because of their size and of the opaque silver base.

The holographic effect is only visible under strong lighting and at certain angle, which is a shame. Maybe the brand should just make the whole base holographic, for my benefit :) Bar glitters are not very favourable with nail bloggers anyway.

Another surprise, shown here on my index and ring fingers, Ce-less-tial Is More is also a textured shade, slightly less gritty than Super Star Status and with a pink base instead of grey.

Comet Closer is a shimmery leaning metallic silver, slightly more matte than others. The base is the same as that of Is This Star Taken? above, just without the holo bar glitters.

And saving the best one for last. This is Give Me Space, a deep navy blue with very scattered holo flecks. Don't think I need to say more :)

Over all, it is a fun holiday collection. I do wish the brand branched out a little more and added more festive colours instead of too many silvers.


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