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Elf Mad for Matte lip colour set

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Third case of not-so-matte finish: Elf Studio Matte lip colours :)

My first experience with the line was Natural, then Tea Rose when I was looking for NARS El Agua dupes.

I like the formula (supposed to be enriched with Vitamin A, C and E for hydration), the twistup format (plus a sharpener at the end) and the colour range.

Because the finish was not truly matte, I did not get any more shades until this Mad for Matte holiday set with 4 best selling shades - Dash of Pink, Berry Sorbet, Cranberry and Rich Red.

A bold bunch on the red side, I would say, festively appropriate for the holidays.

The undertone of Dash of Pink and Cranberry is very similar, then add some red pigments and we have the fabulous Rich Red :)

Berry Sorbet, with that berry tone, is the darker sheep in the group but still not significantly different.

I enjoy the colours in this set but maybe need a neutral in there. They are easy to wear, wear pass lunch and a few drink of tea/ water. I am happy overall.

The set was $10 on Elf website (LE but the shades are still available individually, $3 each), CAD15 at Old Navy. I had a 50% off coupon before the holiday, great score!


  1. I saw this at Winners before Christmas and thought about buying it, but ultimately put it back. Kinda bummed now, because I really do love this formula.

    1. I still see different sets at Winners, maybe one day you'll find it again, or wait for Elf to have a new set out :)