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Guardian facial cotton pads

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

We end Asia product week with an interesting one - facial cotton pads :)

It makes sense to talk about cotton pads as I use them a lot, every day - 2 applications of toner, at least one for micellar cleansing water to remove eye makeup at the end of the day, and other random uses.

I have a great "relationship" with Quo cotton pads for a while as they almost match the quality of Shiseido's for better price - 165's for $7.50 (often on sale) vs. $11, until the day I ran out while on vacation and had to make an emergency purchase of Guardian facial cotton pads.

Now Guardian is a Singaporean drugstore chain with locations across south east Asia. I did not know what to expect in terms of quality of their home brand, but "100% cotton, extra soft, ideal for makeup removal & cleansing" sounded good at the time.

Very surprised to find out how great they are at the first use - almost everything Quo's cotton pads could do, with a fraction of the price!

Here are stacks of Guardian and Quo cotton pads, 10's each, next to each other. I realize that because they are both quite fluffy, this comparison does not say much :)

For size, a Guardian cotton pad (top) is slightly narrower and tiny bit shorter than Quo's (bottom). Not a deal breaker.

When wet though, the Guardian version becomes thinner and falls apart quicker. Solution: double up, and they are smooth sailing.

The winning factor: the Guardian pack has 226's, only cost me $1.80 (tax in). Even with me using 2's at a time, it is still such a steal. I already grabbed about 5 packs to bring back here.

If you happen to be near a Guardian drugstore, grab a pack of facial cotton pads. They are that great!


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