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Colour Pop Ultra Matte To Go sets

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was in such a rush to order the mini sets from Colour Pop, hoping they arrived before my vacation. Well they didn't, so I only get to them now.

First off, they are tiny (see comparison shots below). Colour Pop did not mention the size (only that they were minis), so I was surprised to see how small they are.

The Ultra Matte lips in the sets are 0.0317oz/ 0.9g (less than a third of the full size of 0.1128oz/ 3.2g, reg. $6), which means 5 mini tubes only make about 1.5 regular sized tubes. That $20 retail price (or even $16, what I paid) for each set does not sound attractive now.

Let's see the colours in the 2 Ultra Matte to Go sets today, and the Lippie to Go set tomorrow.

I reviewed Colour Pop Ultra Matte lips before, so just brief say that they do transfer lightly on me (not kiss proof as advertised) but are long wearing enough.

This is the Foxy set with best selling shades:
- Beeper (warm mid-tone taupe)
- Clueless (dusty mauve pink)
- Tulle (dusty mauve burgundy), which I already have the full size of, shown in the original review linked above
- More Better (deep violet wine) and
- Creeper (classic blue red).

I include a full sized tube in the shot for comparison.

I'd say the set includes a good range of colours, a nice representation of the line. However, if you have been hauling a number of full sized shades before, there might be repeats in the set.

The Kitty set is a whole new game, with all new/ exclusive LE shades, i.e. no repeats.

From L-R:
- Bianca (soft dusty pink)
- Time Square (muted pink beige)
- Be Merry (mid tone warm pink)
- Last Dance (brick red) and
- Glitter (rich red violet)
also next to a full size for comparison.

Surprisingly, I do not prefer this Kitty set than the Foxy set above, mainly because the nudes are too nude and wash me out instantly. I have been leaning towards nude shades more lately, but still cannot make Bianca and Time Square work for me, unless with a bright base.

Swatches - Foxy (left pic, with Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, More Better and Creeper) and Kitty (right pic, with Bianca, Time Square, Be Merry, Last Dance and Glitter).

Just to help with your purchase decision, here is a comparison of the 4 nude shades from the 2 sets.

From L-R: Beeper, Clueless, Bianca and Time Square.

Putting them next to each other confirms the fact that the nudes in the Foxy set are more wearable. Maybe that is why they are best sellers.

I do think the mini sets are easy to travel with, but the colours are pre-determined and the price could be a lot lower to fit the size difference.


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