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Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

More options for holiday gifts from Too Faced today!

If you are looking for gifts within a set, something smaller than the Le Grand Palais, and featuring lip and cheek products, check out the Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks set.

The box is gold with a clear plastic window to show off 3 individually packed pairs of deluxe sized and color coordinated Melted lipsticks (0.16oz/ 5ml each vs. full size 0.4oz) and Love Flush blushes (0.07oz/ 2g each vs. full size 0.21oz). Tiny and cute!

Here are the 3 boxes, side by side.

Melted lipsticks are meant have the lasting power of a stain, shine of a gloss and intense color of a liquid lipstick.

They last reasonably well on me through meals/ drinks but the shine is the first thing to wear off. The colours are saturated, and the sponge tip applicator makes application a breeze.

Love Flush blushes are said to have 16 hour wear, fade/ smudge proof with bold colour payoff. I find minimal fading starts after the 8 hour mark, not a deal breaker by any means. They are pigmented, do not need much layering so I prefer a loose blush brush with them.

The first pair starts out with the most easy-to-wear colour scheme for most people: Melted Nude (described as a neutral nude) and Love Hangover (a warm pink).

Moving into girly pink territory are Melted Peony (a dusty rose which shows up cool toned on me, also part of the Le Grand Palais set) and Justify My Love (a bright pink with hardly-visible gold sparkles).

My favorite pair: Melted Fig (a rosy orchid) and Your Love Is King (a plumy rose), very season appropriate. If I need to grab a full size of Love Flush, Your Love is King would be it!

Swatches of the Melted lipsticks at the top, and their corresponding blushes at the bottom, 2 different lighting.

The set is $45 ($75 value). Have fun sharing it with 2 other friends/ family members or keeping them all to yourself if the colours suit you :)


  1. oh these look so nice. I really wanted this set but had to resist. Those melteds look so amazing (so do the blushes, but still).

    1. I couldn't bring myself to pay for the blushes full price, so minis are best

  2. These are SO pretty. I've had to restrain myself from buying them a few times, because I'm trying to be good, but I might just have to give in.

  3. really loving those blushes! the fig melted is especially lovely too.

  4. Ugh I want this kit so bad but have trying to hard to avoid it! The mini sizes of the melted are perfect because there's still so much product in there!

    1. Definitely. I love holiday sets because of that reason