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Marc Jacobs The Sky Liner collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I bought Marc Jacobs The Sky Liner petite Highliner gel eye crayon collection, the day it came back in stock online.

The set includes 5 bestselling colours - Blacquer, In the Buff!, (Wave)length, Ody(sea) and (Stone)Fox - and 2 new LE shades - Express-oh! and Boys & Berry, all wrapped up in a sleek, shiny Marc Jacobs pouch.

The chosen colours are beautiful, boosted by the shiny silver tubes and caps. Shade name is printed on the pencil right where the cap ends, so if you close the cap too tightly, the name is not easy to see.

Marc Jacobs Highliner gel eye crayons are supposed to be intense, waterproof with great color payoff, go on smoothly and last all day. No argument from me with pigmentation (see below) and lasting power (all day, only come off with a cleansing oil).

Here are Blacquer (black, probably the most well known shade), Express-oh! (espresso shimmer), In the Buff! (champagne shimmer), Boys & Berry (boysenberry shimmer), (Wave)length (midnight blue), Ody(sea) (teal green) and (Stone)Fox (metal gray).

However, quality and application did not match expectation. The liners feel hard upon contact and are hard to draw on, especially the 2 new shades. Upon warming up, they glide on a bit easier but not by much. Then 2 of the shades broke off at the tip just with swatching, hence the messy swatch of (Wave)length.

I love that I don't have to worry about these liners once they are on but have such a hard time getting them on at the first place. Don't think I will keep this set in the stash.

The pencils are 0.01oz each. The set is $58, still available now.


  1. I agree! I bought a single liner at sephora just over a month ago, and while it's a really pretty shade it's a bit too hard to easily line my eyes with. I'm really not a fan of the weird tiny sharpener that is on the end either, I find it awkward to use. Staying power is great though once it's on. But I don't think I'll be repurchasing any others.

    1. Sadly we can't get the best of both worlds with these eh?