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Elf Studio Need it Nude palette

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If Elf Studio Mad for Matte palette does not "speak your language", the Need it Nude palette might.

This palette was part of the Fall Harvest kit (reg. $25), offered at $6 with $25 order for the day, so I did get it with a discount.

Same format as in the Mad for Matte palette - slim and small, with a mirror. The colour range doesn't say much of nudes but more like 10 shades of fall leaves to me :) And trust me, the gold shades, in particular, are worth the money! I fell hard for one of them unexpectedly, you will see.

The palette has 4 mattes (first, fourth, eighth and last shade), 4 satins/ metallics, 1 with micro fine glitters (second to last) and 1 with larger glitters (seventh, bingo!!!).

I like that they include 2 matte brow bone highlight shades (first and fourth) which I use constantly. The gold right in the middle of the swatches here is a true gold, gorgeous on the lids. The pink on the far right is a little too light for a transition shade though.

The bronze is the cousin of the gold above, equally pretty but the shade next to it steals the show. Gold glitters on a brown base are not rare, but what sets this shade apart is the opacity of the base. No layering required!

The last 3 shades (even with different finishes) end up swatching quite similarly. The last one has too strong of a grey sheen which pulls it away from being a pigmented black.

Again, I am not complaining about pigmentation and lasting power, just wish for a better colour variety. The palette is 0.49oz/ 14g, retails $10.


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