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Maybelline Color Blurs

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I haven't been makeup shopping as much as I used to, am still trying to catch up with new product launches on here.

I know Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blurs are not super new in Canada but hope the swatches are still helpful to you. I bought them probably a month ago when Shoppers had them on sale for $7.99 a piece (0.04oz/ 1.25g, vs. $9.96 at Walmart) but didn't have a chance to share until now.

Color Blurs are supposed to be cream matte pencils with vivid colour and blurring smudger. I am not into the blurred look so I won't be using the smudger, care more for the colour on the other end of the tube.

The shades I got: I Like to Mauve It, I'm Blushing, Berry Misbehaved and Partner to Crimson. The tip is flattened to the pointed edge, so I am showing them in different angles here.

Except for the unnecessary smudger, there is nothing to not like about these Color Blurs. The slim twistup pencil format, the good range of colours, the matte finish, the decent wear (4-5 hours on me) are all good :) I hope Maybelline comes out with more shades!

I Like to Mauve It and I'm Blushing are probably the best selling shades in the range, quite similar base. I like I'm Blushing a tiny bit more but with a red liner underneath, I Like to Mauve It looks great too.

Berry Misbehaved is a great bright red pink while Partner to Crimson is more red, slightly darker than a traditional red but is an awesome red nonetheless. After they wear off, these two did leave more visible stain on my lips compared to the two lighter shades.

I would sound like a commercial if I keep talking, so I'll leave it at that :) The Color Blur line currently has 10 shades to choose from. Have you find your favorite shade yet?


  1. I have the Berry Misbehaved and loving it. I like to do the gradient/ombre lip look and I find the smudger pretty handy. Better than using my own fingers to blur it out and not take away the product.