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NYX High Voltage lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

NYX High Voltage lipsticks are not new in the US (well, they already move on to the next best thing - newly released Liquid Suede cream lipsticks) but new to me.

Heard good things about them, I went and built a CP wish list with my US friend. And here they are, finally: Playdate, Flutter Kiss, Twisted and Wine & Dine.

The High Voltage lipsticks are slim and long with clear lids that show the colour-coordinated tubes. I find them go on light, quite opaque with good pigmentation and some slip, very comfortable to wear.

Playdate is quite a unique colour in my stash. The tube is slightly misleading since it is totally not a pale baby pink. The bullet is more accurate with that strong purple/ grey tint that you will also see in the swatches below.

I got Flutter Kiss to embrace that "nude lip" side that I am leaning toward a lot lately.

Twisted is an easy choice - purple/ fuchsia tone is very me :) A lot warmer than Playdate.

And lastly, Wine & Dine is that dreamy dark red that I always like, supposed to be a dupe of MAC Rebel. Another reason to like it :)

These swatches were done with about 2 swipes for each colour. They show up quite glossy at first. The shine tones down a bit after about 15 minutes but is still visible enough.

Playdate's purple base shows up stronger in the pic, just a note. I normally wear it on top of a red lip liner to warm it up to suit my skin tone better.

The lipsticks last a few hours on me and do transfer. They do not claim to be long wearing nor waterproof anyway. Don't notice much of a scent on them.

Check out these High Voltage lipsticks if you have a chance. There are more than 20 shades in the range, 0.09oz/ 2.5g, $6 each in the US or CAD8.99 at London Drugs.

The very first NYX free-standing store in Canada opens in Toronto this October, be ready!