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NOTD: Zoya Dhara

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This week has been abnormally hot, we are talking above 30 hot. I am absolutely not complaining, just stating a fact, because it is a rare event :)

I thought it would be appropriate that the nail colour is hot too. This is Zoya Dhara Pixie Dust, released in the Fall 2013 collection.

Described as a fiery orange copper with a matte AND sparkly textured finish, Dhara sounds like everything I want in a summer nail polish :)

This is just one coat, believe it! I love the sparkly matte finish so I did not use a top coat. No regrets!

Would you imagine that much gold shimmers hidden in the bottle without this bottle shot?

I think Zoya thought this through and added more shimmers so that they can shine through the matte finish without overpowering the overall look. And it worked.

2 weeks till school starts and back-to-school shopping for Squirt is done :) It would feel like summer is ending too, unfortunately. Could have had a few more trips in but Squirt and I have had a nice time so far. Hope your summer is longer and exciting while it lasts :)


  1. LOL I can't find my temperature converter, but it's been over 100F here for weeks. FINALLY we got some rain yesterday and it was a very pleasant 72F. Dhara is absolutely stunning. <3