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Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The matte liquid lipstick trend goes on with Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips, in a beautiful range of colours and the signature holographic label! I swallowed the $12 shipping to get 7 colours to try.

Right off the bat, I will tell you that these Ultra Matte Lips are lightweight, quite a bit lighter than LA Girl Matte pigment glosses. And there are pros and cons to that.

The thinner consistency gives the Ultra Matte Lips a lighter feel on the lips (more comfortable to wear, even when they are fully matte) but at the same time lightly loses the strong grip that a liquid lipstick normally offers.

For that reason, they do transfer when I drink/ eat and start fading from the inside of my lips out. Touchup is necessary, especially with darker shades. I make sure have the tube with me in the purse during the day.

The doe foot applicator for these has smaller tip with quite long handle. No application issues.

Colour Pop suggests to apply the product on bare and dry (exfoliated) lips, prepped in advance with a lip liner.

I have read a few reviews where bloggers said they could not layer/ blend the product much as it dries quite fast. I do not have that problem, but still try to be precise with the first swipe so I don't have to fix any feathering/ smudging. After all, it is still more long wearing than regular lipsticks.

Here they are, from L-R:
- Donut, described as a bright peach, looks nude on my pigmented lips
- Bumble, dusty warm terracotta (dupe of LC Riot), is quite neutral for me
- Tulle, dusty mauve burgundy (dupe of Stila Amore, minus the shimmers), is of course darker on my lips than in the tube/ on my hands. It is probably as dark as I can go for work :)
- Avenue is a nice darker red and Lychee is a violet, on a brighter side.

A tip: try not to interrupt the product until it dries and becomes almost smudge proof. I find the colours do transfer to my finger during the swipe test, and with constant rubbing, the products crumble. That does not happen on my lips, probably because we don't rub our lips that often.

I only got two bright colours: Highball (red pink) and Mars (red fuchsia). They sure are the "in your face" type of colours, make sure you pick one that works for your skin tone :)

I decided to pass on the popular shades - Trap (dupe of LC Cashmere) and Midi (for Anastasia Pure Hollywood), don't think they would work on me.

The Ultra Matte Lip line is extensive with 25 shades, 0.1128oz/ 3.2g, $6 each (vs. LC 0.088oz, $20, Anastasia 0.11oz, $20, LA Girl 0.17oz, $5).


  1. Oh man all of those colors are amazing! I would totally rock Donut and Lychee.