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Hard Candy 20th anniversary polish

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If Hard Candy Spring 2015 products have not made enough impression, their 20th anniversary nail polish definitely did. I grabbed a few of these "legendary" shades as soon as they showed up at Walmart.

This is Sky, the most famous shade in the line, with a heart "jewel". I appreciate the rectangular bottle shape, easier to hold. The rubber ring with faceted "jewel" is cute but has no practical purpose :)

A cousin of Sky is Mint, with a diamond "jewel". They both have a beautiful sheen in the bottle but not very visible on the nails.

Lastly, a dark shade for a change - Zombie, with a rectangular hexagon "jewel".

All 3 nail polish are one coaters, I totally love that. The formula is slightly thicker but does not affect application. Their wear is average 2 days on me.

If you are a collector and don't have these already, I guess you will have to now :) The bottles are of decent size (0.46oz/ 13.5ml), retail $3.98 each.


  1. I can see why Sky is the most famous in the line - it's really pretty.

  2. Sky and Zombie are amazing!! I miss the bottles with the little plastic rings on them. lol