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Clinique Pop Lip colour + primer

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

You know what is up next, following yesterday's post, don't you? :)

Unlike the Cheek Pops, Clinique Pop Lip colour + primer line also showed up at Shoppers, so I redeemed points for some, after getting 2 with the Sephora VIB sale.

Let me just say this to start. These lipsticks are great, moisturizing, easy to wear with a good range of 16 shades (0.13oz, $21 a pop). They are, to me, a mid range version of Revlon lip butters, with more pigmented and natural looking finish, and go on smoother.

From the lineup, I got:
- 02 Bare Pop (low shimmer mid tone nude)
- 03 Cola Pop (rich chocolate brown cream)
- 04 Beige Pop (pinkish nude cream)
- 13 Love Pop (mid tone shimmer raspberry)
- 14 Plum Pop (neutral plum cream)
- 16 Grape Pop (neutral blue purple cream).

Again, Grape Pop was an obvious choice, the only purple toned shade in the line. Nude shades were too, as I am slowly building the little stash of everyday work lipsticks.

A quick closeup on the bullet colours, with more flash to give you an idea how different bullet colours can look, depending on lighting.

Good thing is the stores do have testers for these so you know which shades to get. The colours on the tube are not necessarily accurate.

As it turns out, the 2 nude shades - Bare Pop and Beige Pop - are quite close, with Beige Pop being more muted. On my lips though, they show up very similar. You don't need both!

On the other hand, Cola Pop is pigmented and bold. Cola is the shade to get at Clinique, both in the lip and the cheek versions, it seems.

You might argue here that Love Pop and Plum Pop are also similar, but they show up differently on my lips. Love Pop is more shiny too.

I naturally love Grape Pop. It is the newbie/ introductory shade to start if you want to try purple lips. Subtle, but still is purple.

Overall, all the shades I chose are my everyday colours and they have been in good rotation. I do recommend them. Maybe start with one shade to try first to see how it fares before exploring for more.


  1. Oooooh Those are all very pretty. I think Cola Pop would be a little dark for me, but the rest look very wearable.

    1. Yes, I was trying to go for wearable and toning down the crazy colours :)