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Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The little box and its gorgeous teal sleeve (and what's printed on it lol) are no stranger to you, are they?

I caved when they ran a little 20% off sale on eyeshadow sets and got the (LE) Not a Box of Chocolates, reg. $30. Shipping to Canada was over $11, which hurt a little less after I used a $5 discount code.

Be warned, the pots were photographed in natural lighting, which toned down the glitters a lot. Under indoor light (or flash, as with the swatches below), the Metallic shades glow like a disco ball.

The 3 shades in the first row, from L-R: Halo, Tinsel and Partridge.

Halo is a champagne with scarce specks of gold glitter, with a Satin Luxe finish that looks almost matte to me.

Tinsel and Partridge have a similar base (purple & brown taupe) with different sheen. Tinsel (Metallic finish) has lots of fine silver glitters while Partridge (Pearlized finish) has that green duochrome that we are too familiar with :)

Here are the swatches, using my fingers. They would appear more sheer with a brush.

Second row: Sleigh, Drift and Doe-A-Deer.

Sleigh is properly described as an icy sage sprinkled with tons of multicolored glitter (Metallic finish).

Drift is a cranberry (Pearlized finish), great as a blush when sheered out.

Doe- A- Deer is a darkened purple (Matte finish), looks a lot darker in the pot.

I find the finishes vary among shades. The Metallics (Tinsel and Sleigh) are more consistent, the glitters make them more like toppers for me instead of eyeshadows on their own. The Pearlized finish gives Partridge a duochrome sheen but a semi-matte look on Drift.

Pigmentation overall is good, especially for the price tag. Do note that the eyeshadows look more intense on your fingers than when transferred to your lids.

Finish wise, for practical reason, I'd stick with Satin Luxes and Mattes for work, Pearlized and Metallics for the weekend :) Here is a FOTD with Tinsel and Drift.