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Annabelle Lipsies

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After falling for the 2 Annabelle Lipsies I reviewed from their Spring 2015 release, I went and got 4 more.

This was the picture that encouraged my curiosity. Beautiful ombre of colours, fun labels and and the twistup crayon format? I wanted them all :)

The brand granted my wish and sent me the rest so I can do a full swatch post. The products come sealed, so I thought some swatches and scent descriptions would be helpful when you want to grab a few.

Before we get to that, here is the line up, from L-R: Lime, Lychee, Cupcake, Coco-Vanilla, Peach, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy and Raspberry, $4.95 each.

The first four - Lime, Lychee, Cupcake, Coco-Vanilla - are the clear bunch, mainly to add shine, moisturization and yummy scents to your lips.

Lime is the only shade that the balm does not resemble the tube colour. Would you want a green lip balm otherwise? :)

Scent wise, Lime and Lychee are quite accurate. Cupcake smells almost like a delicious latte to me and Coco-Vanilla is stronger on the vanilla note. All 4 are pleasant, though I should mention that the scent of lychees might appear a little odd to those who have never tried the fruits before (not me obviously).

Staying true to the group theme (clear), the three Lipsies do not have any colour, except for Lychee showing the lightest hint of brown on my hand. On the lips though, it is as invisible as the other 3. I wanted to include my veins in the pic so you can tell if the pigmentation of your lips will show through.

If your goal is to find nice and comfortable lip balms that smell good, take your pick from this group. I reached for these very often for days staying in and before bed.

Peach, Grapefruit, Strawberry and Watermelon offer more colours, the gorgeous-looking pink/ red bunch.

Peach shows up as a cool tone pink, not peachy/ light coral, and smells pretty accurate.

Grapefruit is a tad lighter than Watermelon in the tube and in swatches. I don't think you would need both, unless you want both scents :) I prefer the scent in Watermelon, quite spot on, while Grapefruit gives me a light citrus note but does not remind me of the fruit.

Strawberry is the most pigmented shade among the 4 in this group but still sheer overall. The scent resembles sweet fruity candies, a little stronger note but quite fresh.

Surprisingly, the 3 lighter shades take great turn at the office when I need a light touchup of the lip colour. They look very natural on, on the light side for pigmented lips of course.

Now the berry shades - Cherry, Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy and Raspberry.

By the look, Cherry and Raspberry have the highest chance to become my favorites.

Well, Cherry scores for the colour, a nice pink red, but it smells a tiny bit like chemical stuff. Raspberry swatches a lot lighter than the packaging colour. I still like the colour on but I was hoping for a darker red. Pleasant scent too, sweeter than Strawberry above but in the same note.

Fruit Punch remains that fuchsia pink I like since day one, with great colour payoff too.

Cotton Candy could have been the leader of the the clear bunch above, being one step above invisibility. Light hint of pink and a sweet scent too.

So overall, the Lipsies colour range serves pretty much everyone, no matter what your colour and scent (and colour payoff) preferences are.

Personally, I like Cupcake and Cotton Candy for days I don't need colours on my lips. Watermelon and Raspberry are reserved for work and evenings, Cherry and Fruit Punch are weekend colours. Squirt has also claimed a few clear ones to show off at school.


  1. So many pretties. ^_^ I really like that hot pink in the bottom picture.