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Milani Bella Eyes eyeshadows

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It is "Spring" in full swing here with -20 (-4F) windchill, but "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional" so let's talk about Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadows, new arrivals in Canada, CAD8-9, 0.05oz/ 1.4g each.

I bought mine during Milani's 50% off sale on their site (reg. $4.49). My friend kindly shipped them over cause I didn't want to pay $16.45 flat rate shipping to Canada.

First row, from L-R: Bella Taupe, Bella White and Bella Navy.
Second row: Bella Purple, Bella Rouge and Bella Bronze.

All come with safety wraps, yeehaw!

Formulated as gel powders, these eyeshadows apply like regular powders, with a hint of smoothness of a gel. They are easy to blend, do not have much fallout and last quite well.

Bella Taupe is appropriately described as a taupe brown (satin matte), almost looks duochrome in certain lighting.

Bella White is a semi sheer (satin matte) white, the only light shade I got.

Bella Navy is described as a (satin matte) navy blue but swatches like a sheer charcoal black with blue shimmers to me.

The swatches were done with a damp brush, 2-3 swipes of the products for pigmentation.

The next 3 shades are more exciting :)

Bella Purple (satin matte) is darker than Bella Violet (the other purple in the range) but still not purple-y enough to me.

Bella Rouge turns out to be more pink than red. I might use it as a blush instead.

Bella Bronze, sharing the same metallic finish as Bella Rouge, shows good sheen of shimmers. It is the most pigmented of the bunch, only takes one swipe for what you see in the swatch below.

Overall, I enjoy the metallics more for the pigmentation. No duds in the bunch but wait for a sale please! Here is a FOTD I did with 3 of the shades. You can find them now at Walmart, Superstore and Lawtons.