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NOTD: Nails Inc. Shoreditch Lane

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you are not aware, Shoppers has been clearing out Nails Inc. nail polish at 50% off for a while now.

Selections depend on locations, mine had about 20 shades of regular colours, a few neons, 3D glitters, Feathers, etc. Especially, there was a Leather Effect that I had not seen there before, so I bought it.

This is Nails Inc. Leather Effect in Shoreditch Lane, reg. $11.50. Described as a mulberry red, it is quite unique among other textures I own,

And considering how big of a fan I am of texture polishes, Shoreditch Lane is an instant favorite.

It is also different in the texture itself, which I would say is similar to the finest sand you can find out there (i.e. the least grittiness effect) and it dries semi matte!

I did one coat here, can hardly feel the texture. I do recommend 2 thin coats for good coverage and avoid bald spots visible at certain lighting angle.

Without a top coat, my mani only last a day, but I would give in for the colour anyway. I like it that much.

I don't know how many Leather Effect shades Shoppers actually carries, but I might go hunt for Fleet Street (mushroom), Clerkenwell (off white) or Dalston (mint), even Soho Mews (tan).

Meanwhile, we are getting 10 - 20cm of snow later this afternoon, then rain, then flash freeze. What's new, right?


  1. OMG I wish we had a Shoppers....

    1. And Canadians wish for Ulta and all the drugstores you guys have :)