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NYX Simply Vamp lip creams

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I don't know if it is the season for dark lips for most, but it is for me, all year round anyway :)

When NYX released their Simply Vamp lip creams, a few shades went straight in a wish list to my friend in the US. Finally, I got in my hands Bewitching (top) and Temptress (bottom), reg. $6.49 a piece.

I know what you are going to say, yes they are super dark. I just can't resist the twist up lip pencils, might as well go all out. There are other Simply... lines that NYX makes, at least one would suit your colour needs :)

Here is how "dangerous" Bewitching and Temptress look in the tube.

And here is how "dangerous" they still look swatched. Bewitching have slightly more even pigmentation than Temptress, but they are both pigmented, creamy and non-drying on the lips.

With this level of pigmentation, these lip creams are great to wear alone as anything underneath them would not stand a chance of showing through :) They don't need any gloss on top either.

I wish Canadians can easily get a hold of these so I can grab a few more shades. Check out the FOTD I did with Temptress.