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Joe Fresh Chubby lipstick set

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

More holiday gift sets, this time from Joe Fresh :)

Notably cute is the 5-piece Chubby lipstick set, reg. $10, was $4.94 during Boxing Week (see the yellow sticker below) and $2.44 (75% off) since last weekend at my Superstore.

Stock at my location is still plenty, so check yours if you want a bargain.

Thought I would entertain you with the directions printed on the packaging: Using soft strokes, apply the thick stick lip color pencil starting at the center of each lip working outwards to cover. Geez thanks :)

Here is the said packaging and how the pencils look without the clear caps. I was happy to find out they are the twist-up type. Brands are taking notes, aren't they?

There are no individual names on the pencils, so we will have to go with plain colour names.

If you can't tell, the orange red (far left) and baby pink (far right) are very sheer. The swatches have already built up, so I don't think they will get any better than what shown here.

The successful shades in the bunch are the nude and the darker pink, very creamy and pigmented.

The cool-toned pink is a little too cool for my skin tone but still wearable layered over a pigmented lip liner.

You can see the light sheen on the shades with flash here. They are not glossy by any means but not complete matte either.

The darker pink and the orange red do stain your lips a tiny bit, just a heads up.

So for $5 (or $2.50 if you buy it now), 3 of the 5 shades are worth it, in my opinion. If you like sheer lip colours then the whole set will work for you, even better.

The pencils are 0.09oz/ 2.5g each, made in China (if you care about that). Check out my FOTD with the darker pink shade. And if you are curious about the 5-piece Chubby eyeshadow set, follow the link for my review.


  1. just bought this abd the eye pencil set! cant wait to try them now! only paud 2.44$ for both i'm glad I waited :)

    1. I hope you like this set, as the eyeshadows (as reviewed today) aren't as great :)

    2. oh I noticed this morning! just as you said crease city! love the lip pencil set tough :)

  2. OH! I love that bright obnoxious pink in the middle! XD I could never wear something like that, but I just love it all the same.