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FOTD: Joe Fresh holiday sets

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Are you ready for the prettiness and the mess all in one FOTD? Here it is!

On my eyes, from Joe Fresh 5-piece Chubby eyeshadow set:
- the gold on inner lid - heavily layered, still not very visible
- the blue on outer lid and crease - applied, blended, repeated because it disappeared with each blending brush stroke
- the black as a liner.

You might not want to look closer at the "stripes" (i.e. creases) on my lids.

The black did not smudge or smear but only last about two hours on the lower lash line and a little longer on the upper lash line.

If I don't look all the way down, the eye makeup is not too bad, is it? :)

On the lips is the most pigmented shade from the 5-piece Chubby lipstick set - the darker pink. It is the only thing that saved this look a tiny little bit.

Other products on the face:
- Marcelle BB cream in Light to Medium
- Hard Candy Glamouflage in Medium
- ArtDeco Bronzing Glow blusher
- Vasanti All Star 2-in-1 face and eye primer
The primer did not help!
- Lise Watier Wow mascara in Black
- Wet n Wild ColorIcon brow & eye liner in Dark Brown.

After this look I could only test other eyeshadow sticks in this set inside the house. Nobody wants to see crease city, do they?

The creases again on the other side, if you are not persuaded yet. Ta-da! Again, maybe we can focus on the lip colour instead.

I was at Superstore yesterday and saw all the lipstick sets from Joe Fresh were gone, and quite a few of eyeshadow sets (and liner sets) left. I guess my local friends also like the lip stuff better :)

What are other positive things in your life that we can talk about to balance out the cold weather (or the bad eye makeup)? :) Fill me in!


  1. Maybe if you don't blink? lol The colors are kinda nice, but wow...