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NOTD: Joe Fresh Granite Glow

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't seen Joe Fresh Future Effects polishes (Fall 2014, $6 each), this is the first shade you might want to check out :)

Joe Fresh's very first (gentle) holographic nail polish - a charcoal called Granite Glow, 2 coats, first pic in the sun.

I like the shade enough, but "gentle holo" means it would look quite dull in the shade. I wish Joe Fresh could take an extra step to bring Granite Glow to the next level of holographic, to justify the price increase. I guess special effects cost more to make, but still, why stop half way, right?

The 2 pics below were with flash, I am glad to see the glow was still there.

And a closeup to show the rainbow in Granite Glow one more time :) To be fair, for $6, I can't complain, but if you are looking for a strong holo, this is not it.

The accent nail (and the bottle shot in this pic) is a test run of Joe Fresh Kaleidoscope, another shade from the Future Effects line.

Just a heads up, I would not recommend Kaleidoscope on its own. It is still sheer after three coats and turns a little goopy. But it is super pretty as a top coat, so don't dismiss it just yet. Stay tuned for more details on this shade :)


  1. I know I don't need or have room for any more polish, but now thanks to you I want this!