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NOTD: Revlon Moonlit Woods

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I am (kinda) back :) A week of whirlwinds of emotions settled me on the couch almost every night. I do have lots of blog about but couldn't bring myself around to take pictures, etc.

So here we are starting the week light with a NOTD. This beautiful blue-based lilac shade is Revlon Parfumerie in Moonlit Woods.

Intended to do just a sheer base, I only did one coat of Moonlit Woods, and it was perfect. Can't say that it smelled like the woods but was still fun anyway.

I am grateful for scented nail polish, just like glitters and textures, as they bring something new and refreshing when I am tired of creams. Not that there's anything wrong with creams, as some creams are just equally fantastic, but when I am down, I tend to go that extra mile to layer.

That extra star for this mani was Quo by Orly Mind, with a sheer pink tinted base that houses chunky pink glitters and micro teal glitters. It did alter the colour of Moonlit Woods a little, leaning more pink than lilac, and the glitters are toned down with that base, both of which I didn't have a problem with.

Here is Quo by Orly Mind in the bottle, if you are curious about it. I am so glad that Quo did not take the curled glitter direction, as the chunky glitters in Mind are flat.

I can't deal with curled glitters that one time I had them on my nails. I either constantly tried to flatten them or peel them off. No offense to those who like them, it's just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, this has been one of the most subtle manis I have done on the blog, not very me but I did wear it for a few days :)

Hope everyone has a good start of the week!