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NOTD: Essence Sparkling Sand II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a hot minute since I blogged last. It is not the norm on SB not having a post every week day, but I broke that streak lately. 

Life happened, and mean comments added insult to injury, so I lost my blogging fire. Normally they won't bother me one bit, but I am extremely moody as my bday approaches this year, so I took them harder.

Still painting my nails though. This is the third Sparkling Sand polish from Essence Beach Cruisers collection - Keep Calm and go to the Beach.

Love the name! I wish I could do just that and forget about the cruel world for a second. It still is a busy summer with Squirt and friends, so I didn't cry myself to sleep or anything, but some calm moments would be nice too. But then again, I'm a Leo, I can't keep calm :)

It is not easy to see here but I added striping tapes on the base colour (SinfulColors Mint Apple, 2 coats) before adding one coat of Keep Calm and go to the Beach.

We are half way through August/ summer now. I won't cry over the "cup half full/ half empty" situation but have to admit things in life take a lot longer to get better once you get old. Tolerance meter just drops like apples. I don't blame anybody though, am frustrated (and maybe depressed) but not bitter.

I apologize for turning a NOTD into a life post, but I have to get it out somehow. I will be back to my own self, just slowly. At least I have pretty polish to show you sometimes :)

Enjoy your life to the fullest (I am trying), and hug your love ones!


  1. OMG Love it!! ^_^ Sorry people were mean. :( Mean people suck.

    1. Thanks Lizzy. If only they could be supportive like you

  2. awww, hope the blues will be gone soon. lovely choice of color like always.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. :( sorry about the mean comments, that seems really mean. hope things turn up, this is a pretty polish!