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NYC Expert Last lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So, I was browsing Walmart looking for new nail polish (duh) and came across a NYC multi-buy display of their nail polish and the Expert Last lip colours (2/ CAD3).

I was in the mood for summer lips so I bought 5 Expert Last (and 1 for a friend) among about 20 shades available. From L-R: 404 Air Kiss, 405 Blue Rose, 432 Red Rapture, 445 Coralista, and 447 Forever Fuchsia.

Crazy bright looking, aren't they? :) Glad to see the full safety seals and the colour coordination on the tubes but not too glad with the bullets not swiveling down all the way.

This is how the lipsticks look with the caps off, without any extra twisting. I would hate to nick the beautiful bullet while opening or closing the lid, but I guess it serves the purpose of displaying the colour through the clear lid.

I had a blast trying out these lipsticks. They are creamy and not drying, stay quite true to the colours in the tubes. For the cost of close to nothing, these are winners in my book.

On me, they last a few hours and left a light but even stain on the lips when they wore off. I just topped up with a gloss or tinted lip balm and my lips had colours again :)

Swatches were done in the same order as above, with indirect flash in the first pic and in the sun for the second.

The first 3 shades only took one swipe to swatch, a few more on my lips.

Air Kiss is the perfect raspberry pink, pigmented and bright.

Blue Rose is appropriately named, a great pink with more blue undertone.

Red Rapture is the red version of Air Kiss, equally fabulous.

The 2 shades on the right, Coralista and Forever Fuchsia, are on the sheer side.

These colours are good for everyday wear, a standard coral and pink with no blue undertone. With extra layers, they would work as night time lip colours too, conveniently.

Note that these lipsticks carry a scent similar to the NYC City Proof Twistable Intense lip colors, which I enjoyed. If you don't have a problem with scented lip products, I'd totally recommend the Expert Last lipsticks. Here is a two-toned-lip FOTD with Coralista and Forever Fuchsia.


  1. Very pretty colors. @_@ I especially like Air Kiss and Forever Fuchsia.

  2. I think I have 4-5 of these as well, I did a video about them on my youtube channel :) such a great bargain!