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NOTD: OPI Don't Violet Me Down

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A different NOTD today to change things up, shouldn't we? :)

I have always wanted to try OPI Sheer Tints after they created a wave of nail arts in the Spring, but forgot all about them. Last week, a little $4.99 clearance tag was attached to the display at Lawtons and I grabbed all 4 :)

This is a purple and silver sandwich mani with OPI Don't Violet Me Down.

Described as tinted gelly top coats, OPI Sheer Tints showed up on the nails a lot better than the name suggested. First coat already gave off some light colour and second coat was all I needed to get the colour payoff like a regular nail polish.

The first pic was taken in the shade, and the second one was in sunlight.

With this mani, I alternated a coat of Don't Violet Me Down with a coat of glitters from Finger Paints Copy Cat (bottle shot below) after a  base coat and a layer of base colour - OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for easy removal.

Since the Sheer Tints act as a top coat already, OPI suggests no top coat to follow, but I did anyway. I got 3 days of wear out of this mani.

One thing to complain about OPI Sheer Tints: the jelly texture was a bit thick and easy to get all goopy and stringy on the nails if I tried to do thicker coats.

As a result, wrapping the tip was not very easy, either I got either a glob of polish or a bald spot/ line near the tip. They are not very visible IRL but are in closeup unfortunately.

Removal was not easy either, since the glitters in Copy Cat were quite chunky. Almost comes with the territory :)

Next thing to try with these Sheer Tints is probably a syrup mani. Any suggestions?


  1. i really want the blue and purple shades, i had a fun time doing a gradient (there's a blog post) with the pink and yellow though!

    1. I can't pick a favorite, they are all so fun to play with :)