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NOTD: Finger Paints Stargazing Lilac

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This was the first mani that I did wearing Nail HQ ridge filler as a base coat.

Not that you can see it under the nail polish but it's worth noting that this mani only last a day. It wasn't the nail polish, as they last longer on me before, so chemistry must have been bad between layers :) The ridge filler worked better with other polish I used after this one.

The star of the look is Finger Paints Stargazing Lilac from the Shredded Chrome (Spring) collection. This shade caught my eyes the most at Sally's extra 50% off clearance sale last weekend with its purple and gold glitters.

It sucks that I cannot show you very well how beautiful this mani was IRL. Both pics (with natural light above and flash on the left here) showed more of the base than the glitters.

I used two coats of Stargazing Lilac for glitter density. It layered up beautifully, didn't leave any bald spots and didn't feel gritty compared to most glitters. If you come across this shade (or the collection), make sure to check it out.

Stargazing Lilac would have been opaque enough by itself after about 3 coats but I didn't want to have a hard time at removal, so I used a base.

It was OPI My boyfriend Scales Walls, a white cream with grey tint that was quite popular in the Amazing Spiderman collection back in 2012. I didn't realize I missed the edges until the closeup shot. The mani did look flawless" in the pics above, didn't it? :)

Unless you did one thick coat, I'd suggest two coats with this shade. It was the perfect base for Stargazing Lilac.

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We were lucky not losing power nor getting any fallen branches in our yard during Arthur. The wind was pretty scary at times, I am just glad it was over!

Here's hope for better weather this coming weekend, I want to go strawberry picking :) Have a great one!