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NOTD: Pacific Blue & Mellow Yellow

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

With the way things go, this mani will soon be very appropriate for a "Throwback Thursday" post, as both of these colours are disappearing from the shelf, being replaced by the new version of themselves.

Now I think Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue is popular enough to create an upset crowd around its colour change. My camera didn't capture the purple tone in Pacific Blue, so it looks more blue than IRL.

Mellow Yellow suffers the same "death" but doesn't get a huge following. I am telling you now, grab a bottle before they are gone forever, they are both fabulous colours.

First Walmart I went in to investigate, the new Pacific Blue (now a navy blue with added shimmers), new Mellow Yellow (now a mustard yellow) and Mint Sorbet (still the same pale mint) were part of the display of Sally Hansen Passport to Rio (LE) collection together with the 8 glitters.

At the second Walmart, both versions of Pacific Blue were on the regular shelf together. No sign of the new Mellow Yellow though.

I would assume the new versions will move in the regular display soon. Rumour also mentioned Coral Reef being changed but I didn't see the new shade in store yet.

I can't do a comparison swatch for you as I am not a fan of the new versions, so please enjoy the originals here.

Pacific Blue is a perfect one coater - excuse the bald spots which are my fault in dealing with a narrow brush late at night.

Mellow Yellow takes 2 coats, since it is not opaque and smooth enough after the first coat. Still a very lovely cheerful yellow.

I haven't checked other stores so I can't confirm the fate of Pacific Blue and Mellow Yellow there. At least, all Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear shades are on multi buy right now at Walmart for 2/$4 (reg. $2.49 each).


  1. Oooh, I may have to pick up the new Mellow Yellow. I love mustard yellow polish.

  2. Already stocked up! Snatched a few of Pacific Blue, grabbed a bottle of Mellow Yellow and a backup for Coral Reef

    1. Did you see the other version of Coral Reef at all? I am still wondering

    2. I didn't. I saw the old version of Coral Reef in the new bottle though.

  3. I painted this color on my nails as soon as I heard the news! I need a lifetime supply of pacific blue!