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NOTD: L'Oreal Spot Me

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since the speckled egg polish was on trend, I know, I probably had enough in the stash already. But very recently, L'Oreal Les Blanc collection brought out 2 of them and I couldn't help it.

This is L'Oreal Spot Me, with pale/ baby blue base and multiple-sized black hexa glitters. If the base were offwhite, I'd say it is the cookies and cream in nail polish version. Pale blue is close enough though :)

The glitters are pretty dense and come on and off the brush easily, no fishing needed.

The base is still a tiny bit sheer after 2 coats but I was totally fine with that. Being a little milky, the second coat would dull out the black glitters a little, there you have the lazy version of a pond mani :)

Again, if you don't want VNL, use an opaque base underneath and add a coat of Spot Me instead.

Wear wise, I got about over 2 days with Spot Me. Don't know if it was the new base coat I was testing, but once the colour started chipping, it chipped fast.

Removal was surprisingly easy, a lot less rubbing to get the glitters to come off than a regular glitter polish.

Doesn't it look like Oreo and milk in the bottle here? :) Yeah, I want a snack now!

Overall, Spot Me (or even Le Pastille - the dusty pink version of this in the collection) is not super unique but is fun to wear.

I found the collection on sale at Lawtons, so I bought both shades but pick the base you like better, you probably don't need them all :)


  1. OMG! Don't need them all? I don't understand.... LOL

    1. Haha you got the hint. I was trying to be reasonable lol