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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

With all the raves from UK bloggers for Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks, I made it my mission to hunt them down with the last Super Redemption at Shoppers.

Rouge Edition Velvets are the hybrid liquid lipsticks with quite pigmented colours and a soft matte finish, which is on trend right now.

EDIT: Canada only gets 6 of the 8 shades, $23 each (6.7ml/ 2oz):
- 01 Personne ne rouge! (red)
- 02 Frambourjoise (berry pink)
- 04 Peach Club (pale orange)
- 06 Pink Pong (fuchsia)
- 07 Nude-ist (rosewood) and
- 08 Grand Cru (burgundy red).

I thought I would balance things out with a bright 02 Frambourjoise and a nude 07 Nude-ist. Interestingly, Nude-ist turns out to be not so lol.

The packaging: short rectangular clear tube with colour matching cap that twists close with a click, ideal for being toting around in your purse. The slanted doe foot applicator helps with a sturdy and precise application.

The formula (what makes Rouge Edition Velvet special): evanescent oils takes the credit for that soft feeling without drying nor fading.

Whatever that oil is (and what other ingredients that help it), all lip products should have it, as Rouge Edition Velvet has one of the lightest and most comfortable matte finish I have ever tried. Unless I press my lips together, I don't even feel the lipstick on, seriously!

The scent: typical lip gloss scent that I hardly notice, but thought I should note in case you are scent sensitive.

The wear: Rouge Edition Velvet last through breakfast (nothing greasy of course) but not much after lunch - I would say about 4 hours, on me. Layering and reapplying were easy though.

The pigmentation: buildable. Below is 1 coat of Nude-ist (right swatch) and 2 coats of Frambourjoise (left swatch) in different lighting, just to show that Rouge Edition Velvet could be light and sheer or pigmented if you want them too.

All in all, if these lipsticks weren't mid-range priced, I would have gotten more shades. Those in the UK who could get them for £8.99 (or 2 for £14 at Boots), there is no reason not to :)

Check out the FOTD with Frambourjoise.


  1. I choose the same colors for myself! truly unique products and shades :)
    Sara | Passing Fancy

  2. Gorgeous! I would definitely want both these colours. I'll be on the lookout this weekend for these!

  3. Replies
    1. A real compliment for them, especially when being matte :)