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NOTD: Joe Fresh Nude Glaze

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Did I get you guys curious about Joe Fresh Spring/ Summer nail polish from the haul post?

The main focus of this NOTD is Joe Fresh Nude Glaze. but I know you notice the flakie glory too, so I'll talk about them all :)

It probably goes without saying that I like colours and hardly ever buy anything nude, makeup or nail polish. But Nude Glaze is a special nude and perfect for occasions when I need a toned down mani for work without compromising the sparkle effect!

Here is Nude Glaze on my thumb, ring and pinky fingers, 2 coats. It is pretty much a perfect nude on me. A bit of VNL which contributes to the natural look - like I have no nail polish on - but with saturated gold shimmers.

As always, if you are looking for a more opaque nude mani, put down a pigmented nude, beige or off white first, and one coat of Nude Glaze on top will do it. So yeah, it is a perfect work colour for those of you who do not mind shimmers.

On to the guest stars on the accent nails - Joe Fresh Gold Rush on the index finger and Twinkle on the middle finger, 2 coats each, on top of Cinnamon, an old LE shade.

The flakies do not look super dense in the bottle but are very noticeable on the nails after 2 coats. I did not need any more flakie top coats in the stash after 2 Finger Paints flakie collections, but it has been a long time since Joe Fresh's very first flakie Twilight and I have to have the new ones, don't I? :)

The flakies will have their own NOTD coming up, but for now, here are the closeup bottle shots - Gold Rush on the left, Twinkle on the right.


  1. I don't *need* any more flakie topcoats either, but I think I'm gonna have to make a trip to Superstore today to pick up Twinkle!

  2. Very nice nude!! So sparkly! @_@