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Real Techniques 2014

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

You might have heard a lot about Real Techniques new products for 2014, and they finally hit Canadian market!

A PR package arrived at SB HQ with two of the most anticipated items - the Miracle Complexion sponge and the Silicone eyeliner brush. Excitement overload!

I am happy to see Nic has joined Sam to develop this new line of products for Real Techniques (their picture together is now on the packaging). The brand started out with Sam's pure efforts, and now with both the pixiwoo sisters, we can definitely expect more creative products like these.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge has been talked about so much everywhere we look :) And yes, it is a great product, with distinct features, to create a flawless finish with your foundation and/or concealer.

Here it is nestled comfortable in the plastic cradle that comes with the packaging.

Like most of its predecessors, this orange sponge has rounded sides for large areas of the face and precision tip for blemishes and imperfections. And we have seen these features work so well in the past.

What sets the sponge apart is the flat edge for the contours around the eyes and nose.

For comparison, the Beauty Blender sponge (CAD26 or 2/CAD34) does not have the flat edge and the Sephora Sculptor sponge (CAD16) does not have the precision tip.

We have seen how well those flat top kabuki brushes do. I have taken full advantage of the flat edge in this sponge and have no doubt it would earn itself a HG status too.

When I see how fluffy and big Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge became when wet, I couldn't help getting my Beauty Blender wet to compare the size. So here they are side by side, both wet.

Real Techniques sponge is slightly longer and less rounded, easier to hold, in my opinion.

And needless to say, with a $9.99 price tag, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is easily a must have for lots of us. The Beauty Blender is great in its own right, just not as budget friendly.

Another product that peaked people's interest when it came out in the US is Real Techniques Silicone eyeliner brush, $8.99.

Sam and Nic's intention for this brush is smooth and precise application with liquid or cream eyeliner. The silicone bristles grab the product well but requires more of it than with a regular liner brush. Cleaning afterward is a breeze though, simply a swipe of a makeup wipe would do.

Application is, however, not as easy as it looks, at least to me.

Sam's tip (printed on the box) is to apply product to the length of the brush instead of the tip, angle the brush sideways (parallel to the eye line) to apply product.

That makes sense, as the tip is very fine and pointed. But even with using the side, I could not manage to make sharp lines with this brush. Maybe it is my poor skill with eyeliners, but the bristles are just not firm enough for me to have any control over them.

Proof in the swatches here. Real Techniques Silicone eyeliner brush on the left and a regular angled liner brush in the middle with the same gel liner, in comparison with Milani Eye Tech Extreme liquid eyeliner in Blackest Black on the right.

I would say if you are a master in handling liner brushes, this would be a fun brush to try. If you are new to lining your eyes, I would stick with a liquid liner or the traditional liner brushes.

Also new at Real Techniques in 2014 are Retractable bronzer brush $19.99, Retractable kabuki brush $12.99 and Retractable lip brush $8.99.

Real Techniques is available at Lawtons, London Drugs, Walmart, selected Pharmasale and Familiprix and online at Farleyco.


  1. I gotta say... I've seen these kind of sponges a lot lately and they kind of freak me out. I've never seen the sponge contraceptive, but that's what I always imagined it looked like... lol

    1. Lol in that case, I want to hear your thought about EcoTool's sponge I am posting next

  2. haven't tried the liner yet, but loving the sponge~ an upgrade from the cheapie BIC ones that I buy

  3. Love the silicone tipped liner brush. I threw it right into my pro make up kit!

    1. I know pros would enjoy the benefit of a silicon brush :)

  4. Thank you for the fabulous review!! I'm going to buy the R.T. sponge!! And I've heard the same reviews from others about the eyeliner brush. Definitely a pass. <3