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NOTD: Maybelline Lavish Lilac

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg, I was out of town for a few days and the blog was neglected. There was just not enough time in a day, unfortunately. I did have some great time hanging out with friends and enjoy the sunny (and rainy at times) Toronto :)

This mani is special, at least to me, as I wore it twice in a row. This does not happen often, you know me. It is Maybelline Color Show in Lavish Lilac from the Brocades collection.

When the Brocades came out, I was too busy gushing over Gilded Rose and overlooked this purple beauty. I'm glad I bought more than just one shade.

The metallic sheen theme holds true with almost all shades, so it all boils down to the glitter and base colour combinations. And Lavish Lilac does it for me.

This is two coats of Lavish Lilac, no base. I am super happy with the base colours (lilac and gold shimmers) and the pigmentation.

The darker purple glitters are dense enough that I can just apply the polish as usual, no fishing or dabbing needed. And they don't feel abrasive on the nails either.

The closeup shows you the complexity of this nail polish. Despite my description above, it has a lot more depth in different colours. You just have to put it on your nails to see its glory.

The only sad thing is I think this collection is Limited Edition, so it will be hard to come by, except for Gilded Rose making a comeback to the regular display. If you happen to come across the line, get at least a few to try. They are great!

How is your week so far? I can't complain after so much good food and fun I had, but it does feel like a super short week and I have so much to blog about still.


  1. i have three of these but not this shade, super pretty! i just tried gilded rose and fell in love :)

  2. I have a few of these, I love them! My fav polishes right now. Though I wish they lasted longer.

    1. They do chip a little faster than I wanted but I'd put up with that just for the colours :)