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NOTD: L'Oreal Hidden Gems

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Continue the lemming streak after I Like It Chunky, let's see another shade from L'Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust (texture) collection - Hidden Gems.

This is 2 coats of Hidden Gems on its own. The first coat was not opaque but that totally changed with the second layer. I love it when I don't need to use a base to make the colour stand out.

Don't think I mentioned this in the NOTD post with I Like It Chunky, the line has a wide brush, making application a lot easier.

Also, the texture is still prominent even after a layer of top coat, but not too gritty that it becomes annoying.

Hidden Gems dries semi matte with a beautiful colour transition. The duochrome effect is only visible when it is still wet, then it dries down to a blackened teal base with awesome silver glitters. Reminds you of the night sky full of stars :)

Can't help being a little romantic/ cheesy here. The shade deserves the praises, even when the duochrome is not very visible.

So yeah, light (like I Like It Chunky) or dark (like Hidden Gems), the Gold Dust collection is awesome. I totally don't regret buying these and will show you more NOTDs when I try the others in the line.

So, life wise, what have you been up to? I had a busy weekend, and things haven't seemed to slow down so far.

It's the last day of April (and it was below 0 this morning lol), which means Blog Anniversary celebration starts tomorrow. Please tune in for a giveaway series :)


  1. OMG Love it!!! Not so much loving sub-zero temps. O_O So glad I live in Texas. lol

  2. I LOVE the Gold Dust collection. I'm currently wearing "Rough Around The Edges" but I also have "Too Dimensional?" - both are super pretty. "Hidden Gems" was the other one I wanted, but it took a lot of self control not to buy every bottle!

    1. Yeah, it is really hard to have to pick and choose with this collection :)