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NOTD: Color Club Pucci-licious

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Have you ever had a polish stealing the spotlight from another polish that you planned to feature in a post? This mani was totally not how I thought it would turn out :)

I started out wanting to try Orly Digital Glitter just by itself. From Orly Surreal Fall 2013 collection, Digital Glitter quite stood out with a bunch of dark looking glitters.

It is deceiving though, as the fuchsia micro glitters and gold glitters totally mask the base colour, which is actually clear. I only realized this when I applied it on my thumb.

Then I had to look for a base, Color Club Pucci-licious was just sitting casually on the counter waiting. It was a gift from a lovely friend in Toronto for Squirt. They spent a day together making nail polish art and baking delicious cookies while I was stuck at a conference. Life isn't fair huh? :)

Back to Pucci-licious. Not to smooth talk my friend, but it is a really nice polish. One coat to opacity, which I didn't expect, and a nice shade of purple with a good balance of blue tone.

With that, Pucci-licious stole the show, not that I have a problem with it!

To be fair, with the glitters in Digital Glitter, it probably looks better on top of a black base, I wouldn't discredit it just yet.

Hope everyone is well rested after the super long weekend and has their fair share of chocolate from the Easter bunny.

I managed to stay in for the most part of the time off to avoid the mall's tempting call, but my main fridge stopped working yesterday (i.e. $$$) so the week didn't start out well for me. One day at a time, I have to deal.


  1. Oh no. Can your fridge be fixed? I hope so. I usually have a line of polishes to be used (mostly untrides now a days) and Zoya Liberty totally jumped cue and stole the show. Hehe. Some polishes are just pushy little divas ;)

    1. Thanks Norma, I'm trying some quick fix to see if I have to call someone. I do have the untried pile but I am easily distracted by "divas" like you said :)

  2. Gyah! Stupid fridge. :/

    Dude, Pucci-licious is so pretty!!