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Beauty So Clean

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

As beauty product "collectors", you probably already heard and used a lot of Beauty So Clean products.

Either your makeup is getting lots of love or see a bit of sitting-alone time, they all need to be sanitized periodically, just like our brushes. Cosmetic sanitizers is the way to go, and Beauty So Clean is probably the first brand I think of.

This is a heads up for my Maritimes reader, as the brand is now available at Lawtons. I spotted the display just this past weekend :)

I was sent a bunch of these cosmetic sanitizer wipes to check out. They are not strangers to me, as I received samples at IMATS in the past but I don't always remember to reorder them online, the only way to get them around here.

Before Lawtons, I meant.  I am glad I have them at my finger tips now :)

The wipes are meant for lipsticks, gloss, cosmetic pencils, mascara wands, etc. A swipe or 2 on the surface, wait 10 seconds, and it is ready for use again.

I love using the wipes on my cream blushes, as the surface gets dirty quickly with me redipping the brush for the second cheek every time.

A box of 48 individually packed wipes retails $9.99.

There is also a cosmetic sanitizer mist, comes in a 0.27oz/ 8ml spray plastic tube, meant for powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, pressed powders, etc.), $12.49 and 125ml conditioning brush cleanser, $15.99, is for daily spot cleaning. I am holding my breath for a sale to try these next.


  1. Ooooh that sounds really convenient.

  2. i'm so glad lawtons has these now! i may have to pick some up. i have some makeup i'd like to rehome :)