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Hard Candy Single & Loving It

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hard Candy Spring 2014 release has hit Walmart Canada!

I grabbed the item that peaked my curiosity the most - Single and Loving It eyeshadows (fun name lol), the tie dye version, in Sweet Sorbet and Sandy Beach.

Unfortunately, they failed to impress me, both at the store and when I got home to compare them with the Stila Countless color pigments I own.

First off, the name: Hard Candy already launched Single and Loving It eyeshadows (Fall 2012) which were true single shades, no mixing colours in the pans. Recycling the name for a total different product confuses people.

Product design and pricing: Hard Candy's (new) Single and Loving It eyeshadows come in square pots with 0.05oz/ 1.5g of product, $2.98 a piece.

Stila Countless Color pigments are in round pots with 0.1oz/ 3g of product, $22/ CAD29 each regularly, now $8 on their website, pulling pretty close to Hard Candy's price point (per oz).

The shades I have:

- Acoustic and Finale (first row), full priced
- Light Show and Melody (second row), Center Stage and Encore (third row), $4 each (Beauty Bash sale).

Colour selections: Hard Candy has 6 shades, which show some similarity to Stila colour range (10 shades in total).
- Hard Candy Low Rise Jeans and Stila Tie Dye (pink, light blue & navy)
- Hard Candy World Peace and Stila Light Show (pictured, green & teal, minus the yellow)
- Hard Candy Grape Dane and Stila Melody (pictured, light & dark purple)
- Hard Candy Sweet Sorbet and Stila Indie (pink & purple)
- Hard Candy Oink! and Stila Encore (pictured, light pink & brown)
- Hard Candy Sandy Beach and Stila Groupie (light & dark brown).

A swatch of Sandy Beach tester in store hardly showed any pigmentation without building up and it wore off by the time I got home to take pics. I am sending them both back so no swatches, unfortunately. Now, on to the next item - the So Baked contour trios :)


  1. Oooh Those are all so interesting looking. Like little bits of makeup art. ^_^

    1. I almost didn't want to use them because of this lol

  2. They look so pretty, though for the pric I'd rather go with the Stila shadows!

  3. yikes! disappointing from HC it seems. they all look so pretty though!

    1. Is it crazy to think I should put them up on the wall, for art? lol