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Real Techniques individual brushes

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Halifax had a way to ring in the NY, I tell you. We are having -29 (-20F) wind chill right now and expect a blizzard tonight. How exciting!

Let's talk brushes, to be more exciting lol. I received some Real Techniques individual brushes for review, and they have been so fun to use. If you haven't got yourself some since last time I told you they had arrived in Canada, here is my review :)

From L-R: Expert face brush, foundation brush, stippling brush and shading brush. These individual brushes all have taklon bristles, soft and non-scratchy. The quality we see in the brush sets still stand for single brushes, yay!

As with any bunch of products, I do like one brush more than the other a tiny bit, but enjoy them all, for different purposes.

First up, with an orange handle, is the famous Expert face brush, retails around $10.

Meant to be used to apply and blend cream/ liquid foundation, the brush has firmer bristles than most. It is quite dense but not to the extend of Sigma F80, and not as wide either. It is compact and effective.

I used the Expert face brush for both foundation and concealer and it did a really good job. Despite the compact size, it did not take long to do the whole face. All the raves are proven to be true :) The flat end of the handle helps the brush stand on the counter, and on my makeup counter it stands, my favorite Real Techniques brush for the face. The box it comes with will be great for travel too.

Also with an orange handle is the Foundation brush, $9. It is flat and angled, I assume to reach hard to reach areas on the face.

Personally, I did not use the brush with foundation but bronzer, to contour. I turn it on the flat and thin side and deposit bronzer on, then swipe it up and down to blend. Since this is also a compact brush, detailed work suits it. With a bit of patience, I could get a subtle contour going on, which is not something I do often :)

The duo-fiber Stippling brush, $10, with a pink handle, can be used with all types of makeup but I chose it for my cream blushes.

The size of it is perfect for the cheek area, and the bristles distribute cream products like a dream. The blushes look natural and not overly done. Stipple stipple blend and you are done!

Lastly, the Shading brush for your eyes, $7, with purple handle, is a tiny little brush with dome shaped bristles. It is best for applying the crease colour, and because it is not pointy like a pencil brush, I use it to blend the colour out as well, on both the crease and the lower lash line. Fast and easy!

It has the same flat end on the handle like other brushes but because it is small and thin, it does not stand well by itself but it does not bother me.

Glad to have them all in my stash now. Real Techniques brushes are available at Walmart, Lawtons, London Drugs, sometimes at Winners, and online at Farleyco. Note: Canada will soon have Real Techniques Miracle sponge as well, yay!

Stay tuned for a giveaway :)


  1. I need to pick up some Real technique brushes soon! I have my eyes on their setting brush & stippling brush :)
    Ali xox

  2. I definitely want to get my hands on the expert face brush, it looks great !

  3. I have the eye kit, as well as the travel essentials kit. They are an addiction like everything else haha. I recently found the kabuki brush that opens up into an awesome countouring brush at winners for 7.99! Next on my list is the blush brush...someone stop me!

    1. You are right lol, but the individual brushes are so fun to turn down

  4. I've resisted buying any of the Real Techniques brushes so far, but I think I need the Expert Face Brush and the stippling brush!

    1. Try them out, see what you think :) The price is reasonable, and catch it on sale is best