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NOTD: Salon Perfect Jolt

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

We are going back to my "long time obsession" today - textured polish. It is personal, I know, so I understand if you don't like them but I haven't got tired of them yet. So here goes! :)

This is Salon Perfect Jolt, a shade from their LE Summer collection that a friend in the US CP'ed for me as Canada never got it. The collection created a lot of buzz when it came out. A drugstore line with awesome bright colour combinations and reasonable price? Count me in!

It took a lot to not getting the whole line, but I am happy with the ones I decided on.

I did 3 coats of Jolt by itself here as I wanted to test its opacity. Sure removal was a bit harder but I did not mind it. Future manis with this shade, however, it wouldn't hurt to use a yellow base first :)

Don't know if I told you before, yellow is my favorite colour as I think it is cheerful and positive. But like purple, yellow is hard to get right in the beauty world. Happy to say, this yellow rocks!

Although it's bright, I think this colour combination reminds me of Fall, when the leaves change their colours :)

Now the close-up glory of Jolt, I think it will always remain one of my favorite polishes, even when the texture trend goes out of style.

We are having a cool day today, it seems Fall has come back to town, a good 10-degree rise from the chilling near 0 level we had. Yay Fall!

What will you be up to this (long) weekend? My friends in TO will be enjoying IMATS, and VIBs are busy with the 20% sale at Sephora.

I put in my order this morning, but a thing or two were OOS. Hoping for a restock but it is a slim chance :( Work has been busy, I didn't have much time for anything else. I guess the weekend will be spent tidying up the house and maybe packing for my upcoming trip home.


  1. I never thought of this as a texture polish. o_O Might have to give it another try.

    1. The way it feels and how hard it is to remove, I'd call it that, but it's up to you :)