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Laura Mercier Artist's palette

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Check out this Laura Mercier Artist's palette for Eyes, released for the holiday.

I believe this is my first Laura Mercier's and I am excited to see 6 cool and 6 warm neutral eyeshadows (0.03oz each) housed in a textured chocolate brown case, with a mirror. Too cool to carry to work but someone's gotta do it :)

I like the fact that most shades in this palette are neutral and arranged from light to deep tones (L-R). Simple thing, yes, but it takes the guess work out of my morning makeup routine, and I'm all for that.

First, natural lighting.

Top row is cool toned, from L-R: Sparkling Dew, Guava, African Violet, Plum Smoke, Kir Royal and Violet Ink.

Bottom row is for warm colours - Vanilla Nuts, Primrose, Fresco, Bamboo, Truffle and Espresso Bean.

Here in a different lighting, the colours look more true to life. You gotta see this palette in person to appreciate its beauty. I can't believe I say this, but neutral and some purple toned eyeshadows make a happy Sparkled Beauty :)

Swatches are to follow below, in the same order.

First row. I haven't used Sparkling Dew much as its matte counter part (Vanilla Nuts in the second row was the brown bone highlight of choice) but it's nice to have options.

Guava is a good gradient to African Violet. Plum Smoke is a muted grey purple, awesome transition colour. Kir Royal and Violet Ink have been my favorites all along, you can see why right? Look at that pigmentation!

Second row. Vanilla Nuts - enough said :) Primrose, Fresco and Bamboo take turn to be the "IT" lid colour for me. Truffle and Espresso Bean play in the crease very nicely and like with the 2 counters from the first row, I am loving their pigmentation as well.

I am very happy with the colour and finish combination in this palette. Good quality eyeshadows all around, you won't find a bad shade with this one. Even the mattes are good mattes, soft and easy to blend.

The palette retails for $60 at Sephora, Limited Edition. I know it costs more than other holiday palettes, with less number of shades, but if you wear lots of neutral looks and want something more than just neutral browns, this is the palette to reach for.

Check out a FOTD I did using a few of my favorite shades from the palette :)


  1. the quality of these shadows look great!

  2. all shades are very pretty and wearable. but it's a little too sleep for only 12 shades.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. I do agree with you. It would depend on everyone's budget

  3. These are awesome shadows. I have heard many rave about them and it's been on my "To Buy" list for the upcoming VIB Sephora sale...BUT...after seeing UD Naked 3...I have mixed feelings!

    1. I don't know if UD confirmed it, but the colour tone in that palette is too light to my liking. If Naked3 is coming though, I know some people will really fall for it :)

  4. Great swatches! I couldnt decide between this or the smashbox palette!