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NOTD: Sinful Colors Leather Loose

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Looks like it's going to be a super busy week at work for me, and it's Halloween in a few days (i.e. Halloween parties and Trick-or-Treating for Squirt). I started making to-do lists like mad :)

But I have an exciting mani today to show you. This is Sinful Colors Leather Loose!

Besides being matte like the rest from the Leather Luxe collection, Leather Loose has shimmers, making it a must have in my book. The black and orange colour tone is very Halloween appropriate too.

This is just one coat of Leather Loose, with base coat but no top coat.

The base is red toned and totally matte, but the glitters on top of it seem to glow from underneath, creating so much depth and beauty to the look. I couldn't bring myself to applying a top coat as I love how it looks matte.

The satin finish you see on my pinky was the result of a little hand lotion smudge. Funny enough, I did not realize the change in the finish until I took pics. So, if you want the mani stay matte, be mindful with the hand lotion and/or cuticle oil :)

See the glitter glow, both on my nails and in the bottle?

Leather Loose would be a more subtle version of Halloween nails compared to China Glaze Fortune Teller, but I still couldn't stop staring. If not anything else, I love Halloween for the special nail polish like these two :)

EDIT: Sinful Colors is unfortunately only available at Lawtons in Atlantic Canada.

So besides being busy, what's new with you guys? What will you (or your kids) dress up as?

You got a hint of what Squirt was 2 years ago from the Fortune Teller post above, I think this year she's going to be a "grown-up" butterfly. Yes, it is different from a kiddie butterfly, she told me lol.

Have a great start of the week, everyone!


  1. love this! I have been seeing it more lately on the blogs. Where did you pick this up? I can never seems to find any of the new Sinful Colors in Canada :(

    1. I got it at Lawtons (only in the Maritimes) unfortunately

    2. I don't know if this helps, but I've been seeing Sinful Colors starting to pop up in Rexalls in Toronto now! Though I think they've only been carrying the Hallowe'en collection onwards, so I don't think the Leather Luxe collection is going to be found there.

  2. I LOVE Leather Loose! So pretty and you captured it perfectly. :D

    1. Thanks Lizzy, I've worn Leather Loose twice so far lol

  3. wow this looks like santorum polish

    1. Thank you for mentioning Santorum, I don't have it to compare but it does look similar in pictures. I do feel Leather Loose has more of the glow, but that's just me :) For the price difference, I don't think I want Santorum