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NOTD: Illamasqua Gothiqua

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't heard, Illamasqua has arrived at the Bay (online and selected store locations) with pricing rivaling that in the US. We no longer have to put up with Sephora's markup on CAD, yay!

Not only that, Illamasqua offers us a (LE) the-Bay-exclusive nail polish shade called Gothiqua. You know anything Canada exclusive, which is rare nowadays, I have to have.

My order came two days ago and I have Gothiqua on my nails today :) I paid CAD17 (vs. CAD22 reg. price on Sephora, not that we can get Gothiqua there, but FYI anyway).

Want to see something cool in the bottle? Yeah, that beautiful green sheen that is visible in direct lighting. I was over the moon when I saw bottle pics on twitter, because of that green glow.

Unfortunately, as you can see in my pics, the colour on my nails is a pigmented dark plum, but no sign of green :( This took a little bit of magic away from Gothiqua in my book, but I still say it is a beautiful Fall colour.

Notice a little mess on my ring finger? I was going to redo it, but thought it might be helpful to show you the colour at one coat (at the edge) vs. two coat (on the rest of the nail).

So, Gothiqua has a strong red base, we can all see that. Naturally, I like it better after two coats as the burgundy/ plum plays out a little more. In indoor lighting, it looks even darker than this, which I am not complaining about.

Here it is again with more intense direct light source/ angle. The green is even more visible here, sigh...

Note: today is the last day to use the $15 off $100 code ("C3BEA08") on cosmetics/ fragrances on the Bay website. And with a $50 cosmetics/ fragrance purchase, you get a $10 saving card for next purchase.

Hope you all have a good week so far. I am just back from a conference in town, playing catch up now. If you haven't noticed the Annabelle #24Days series I am doing, check it out. I am posting pics on twitter almost every day and/or on here.


  1. Wow.. I love that plum shade! But I agree that it would've been nice to see the hints of green shine through when applied though

    1. Yes, I'm sad they didn't take the green sheen to the next level

  2. Always makes me a little sad when it's prettier in the bottle. :(

  3. Hmmm I saw the bottle and I was like oh that green sheen... but it's disappointing that it doesn't show :/

    1. I wonder why they didn't improve it after testing phase

  4. Ah! if only the green showed its shift a bit more...
    It is still a nice colour, but a deceptive little bottle.