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Day 1 - #24Days of TwistUps

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

As hinted in my Annabelle TwistUps 24/$24 post last week, I will be doing a #24Days #24ReasonstoSmile series, starting today, featuring one TwistUp a day, for 24 days straight, on the blog and/or my twitter feed.

I am calling all of you who have some (or all) TwistUp shades to participate too, to make this the biggest swatch fest of a Canadian product ever. Below is the calendar, I will add links to the post/ picture as we go along.

- Day 1: Plump It Up (see below)
- Day 2: Naked and additional Twitpic
- Day 3: Breeze Twitpic 1 and Twitpic 2
- Day 4: Orange Pop Twitpic
- Day 5: Monroe Twitpic
- Day 6: Bubble and additional Twitpic
- Day 7: Fuchsianista Twitpic
- Day 8: Tease Twitpic
- Day 9: Flirtini
- Day 10: Mimosa Twitpic
- Day 11: Kiss Twitpic
- Day 12: Red Carpet Twitpic 1 and Twitpic 2
- Day 13: Divine Twitpic
- Day 14: Bazooka Pink
- Day 15: Absolute Twitpic
- Day 16: Fizz Twitpic
- Day 17: Havana Twitpic
- Day 18: Royale Twitpic and FOTD
- Day 19: Mai Tai Twitpic
- Day 20: Romance Twitpic
- Day 21: Kinky Pink Twitpic
- Day 22: Cherry Twitpic
- Day 23: Sorbet Twitpic
- Day 24: Vamp.

Today is all about Plump It Up. I couldn't have picked a better shade to start off #24Days, as it is one of the most gorgeous TwistUps out there.

Released for the Fall but Plump It Up would be an all year round shade for me. It belongs to the brighter group but not too intense either. I did wear it to work a few times so far :)

An option to wear a strong colour like Plump It Up, for those who are shy toward bright lips, is to sheer it out - lightly line the lips with the tip of the pencil and apply a few dots in the middle of the lips, blend out with your finger.

Note that, for the purpose of #24Days, all pictures taken should be of the TwistUp of the day itself, no coloured base underneath or gloss on top (unless otherwise noted).

Another pic in a different lighting, and yes it is still bright. 

Since this series for me is also #24ReasonstoSmile, I am trying very hard to include pics of me actually smiling when I can :)

Other products used in this look:
- Maybelline Fit Me Shine-free gel stick foundation in 230 Natural Buff
- It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyes full coverage concealer in Neutral Medium
- ArtDeco Bronzing Glow blusher
- Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Inked in Pink
- Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistible Purr-ple
- Sephora + Pantone Universe liner in Charcoal
- Annabelle Le Big Show mascara in Black
- Avon Ultra Luxury brow liner in Dark Brown.

If you need more pictures of Plump It Up, check back my Annabelle Fall II FOTD where I took pic with better sun light.

I'd love to see Annabelle TwistUps on you, leave me a comment or tweet me your pics. I know we all "dare to be colourful" within the colour range we are comfortable with :)


  1. Wish I'd been able to grab these for the $24 :(

    1. I'm sorry you missed them. Isabel mentioned a sale for you below

  2. Plump It Up looks ravishing on you! p.s. Thrilled to see you smile! You are totally right, #24Days = 24 reasons to SMILE! =o)

  3. P.S. to Zoë: We're sorry you didn't get the super-duper deal, but we've lowered the price to $7.25 on ALL TwistUp hues until October 24, online only at =)

    Ah, my Sparkling Beauty! I LOVE to see you smile and thank you for indulging me. I am worthy of your smile! ;o) xo

    1. Thank you for giving me a reason (and more) to smile :)

  4. That's so pretty on you. :)

  5. SB seriously LOVE the smile picture. Sure we don't get a full picture of the eotd, but I mean the smile matters more! Love it :) just wanted to say that to encourage you :)