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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The hauls are back :) I did a bit of shopping last week, have some new fun makeup for you today.

I was excited to find The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks. Quite a range of colours and finishes, some even have stain power.

I got 201 Red Hot Raspberry (pearlescent finish), 240 Damson in Distress (matte) and 301 Drive Me Nuts (sparkly), reg. $13. I included the numbers for easy reference, because the tubes only show the numbers, not the names. You have to refer to the receipt or online to get the names.

Pairing the B2G1F sale, a coupon and LYB discount, I paid less than $5 each. Not bad at all! The coupon at the bottom at the receipt is $15 off $40, good until the end of the month, FYI.

And if you like their Extra Virgin Mineral foundations, selected shades are being discontinued, cleared out for 3/$10.

I got the lightest shade in the discontinued range, 302 Golden Beige, in both cream and liquid form.

I added the Dazzling Rocks to get the deal, only shade 1 Golden Copper was available at my store. I forgot to take the lid of before taking the pic, but it's basically a mix of bronze and gold little rocks with shimmers, meant to be used on the face and body. Nice to have for that price.

This is a tiny little haul is from Lawtons, one of the rare occasions that I can run in quickly to check for new displays and sales. I don't live near a Lawtons anymore, you see?

Sinful Colors is on sale for $1.99, including the latest Leather Luxe collection. The only shade I wanted is Leather Loose, surprisingly was not sold out already.

Revlon lip products are 50% off this week. I went for a Super Lustrous gloss in Kiss Me Coral, only $4.74.

Superstore here had tax free on Saturday, I couldn't help grabbing a few things.

Maybelline Baby Lips were $3.97 each, I wanted Pink Shock and Berry Bomb from the Electro collection. Love the packaging.

Joe Fresh Fall 2013 nail polish are in, noticeable with the orange "New cap" stickers (not new shape, just new curvy ridges underneath the cap). They are 4/$10 until October 3 (reg. $4 each or 3/$10).

The 2 shades in the middle are duochrome-looking - Copper and Quartz. Not particularly unique but I wanted to try anyway.

The other 2 are Ultra Violet and Aqua. I also found Peacock with the same orange sticker, I'd assume they brought it back with the new cap because it was popular.

My local Shoppers Beauty Boutique carries Shiseido, so I redeemed some points in the Super Redemption event for a Perfect Rouge lipstick in RS320 Fuchsia, $30.

This shade has been talked about a lot on YT. I do like how creamy it was on my hand when swatched, and the colour (hot pink/ fuchsia) is definitely easy to sell, at least to me :)

Also got a Perfect Prep kit with the Refining primer and the Perfect foundation brush, $40 (valued $73). Can't say I tried any Shiseido makeup or brushes before, so I'm excited.

I had some Almay coupons and the Color + Care liquid lip balms were on sale for $6.99 at the time. I swatched them all, trying to find ones with better pigmentation (they are sheer). Ended up with Lilac Love and Apple a Day. One is purple (enough said) and one is red (more unique than the pinks and nudes).

Also wanted to check out the new Essence Stays No Matter What eyepencil & shadows. The line has 6 shades, and I heard good things. Went for Powerful Purple, $2.99. If they can get purple eyeshadows right, the other shades would be piece of cake. We'll see.

I went looking for the new Hard Candy nail polish at Walmart. Glad to see that they update the line. 9 new shades are a good reminder to attract us back to the display, don't you think?

The first two are Pop Rocker and Jaw Breaker from the Candy Sprinkles collection, $3.98 each. The other 2 new shades of this line (Sweet Tart and Candy Coated) are just the pale pink and blue versions of Jaw Breaker. The glitter combinations might be slightly different, but I don't think I need all 4.

The third polish I got is Emerald's Eve from the Crystal Confetti, quite glowy and fun.

Their Top Ten eyeshadow collections got mixed reviews but it seems Green with Envy is the best among the 5 colour options. For $5.98, I decided to try it out for myself. If you tried it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Anything you want to see a review on?


  1. Ooooh some pretty polishes! Leather Loose is amazing. Can't wait to see swatches of those Joes. Never heard of that brand before.

  2. Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand but is expanding to the US with a few standalone stores and in JC Penney. They do have some good shades :)