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Annabelle TwistUps 24/$24

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't heard all the buzz on social media, today is the day Annabelle launches their 24-minute sale on all 24 shades of their TwistUp retractable lipstick crayons for $24 (valued almost $240, i.e. 90% off).

$1 for an awesome twist-up lipstick/ lip liner? That is unheard of. And the sale is online, which means my American friends could take advantage of it too. Shipping is free with orders of $25 or more (Canada)/ $50 or more (US).

So get to Annabelle website at 7pm EST today and snag yourself a set of TwistUps (limit 1 set/ person). Remember, you only have 24 minutes to finish the order. Pressure on! :) I'll tweet a few reminders when it's time, so follow me on there if you haven't (the yellow button on the left side bar).

Here is a snapshot of all 24 colours in the line. Check out swatches of all 12 core Annabelle TwistUps and 3 of the additional Fall TwistUps if you need to see them again.

Sure, there will be a shade or a few that might not suit your colour preference, but you can use a coloured base underneath them or a gloss over them. Or be a good friend and give those to friends who would enjoy the colour tone :)

I use mine almost everyday, as they are quick to put on and easy to carry around (no sharpener needed). Touchup after a meal is my favorite way to use them.

Have fun shopping and stay tuned for my #24Days #24ReasonstoSmile :) Once you have TwistUps in your hand, please join in too. Details to come.


  1. I am so tempted to get this and like you said $1 each you can't go wrong with that. I wonder how crazy the sale will be and how many they actually have?

  2. wow what a waste of my time after much clicking the farthest I got was paypal before the system would just kick me out. so disappointing...

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience, it looked like a number of people couldn't complete their orders, which was unfortunate :(

  3. Nice to see a Canadian beauty site. Also haven't come across another blog with the same design for a long time - just totally different subject matter :)