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Big Day Downtown II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Here comes the Refreshing challenge and it was hardly a challenge at all. If my Big Day Downtown Day I post didn't show you I had food in mind, now you know lol.

The first refreshment destination comes to mind was Yeh! Frozen Yogurt.

Being the first fro yo place opened here, it definitely hit the right note (or the right thirst, in this case) of Haligonians. A perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day.

We went for healthier topping options with fresh blueberries, lychee, mochi, kiwi/ pomegranate pearls on top of matcha, chocolate, cookies and cream frozen yogurt and mango sorbet. As an experiment, a full cup and a half cup would cost you about $17 after tax :) Not the cheapest treat, but sure cool and fun.

There were about 8 flavours for frozen yogurt and 2 for sorbets (for those who are lactose intolerant). The options switch up quite frequently, I noticed. Topping wise, there were more than enough to fill your cup. Mind those sweet toppings, candies, caramel/ chocolate sauce though, as they would jack up the calorie count quickly.

They just started the loyalty program, so we earned our first 2 stamps on the card (pictured). A good start to prove our addiction to frozen yogurt. Squirt would eat there everyday if she could.

Another trip to discover a different type of refreshment: A dim sum meal at Kee Heong Cantonese bakery.

We actually meant to go there for the pastries, but when we found out their dim sum was available until 6 (daily, not just weekends), we jumped on it.

We started out with the wonton soup, the only item on the menu that was $5.99, choices of with or without noodle.

Presentation was bland, could have used some green onion on top but it tasted pretty good. The filling was properly seasoned, and the wrappers were still intact (i.e. the wontons were not boiled too long to dissolve the wrappers into the broth). I'd prefer a lower price point for it though.

The steamer baskets arrived. I ordered, from top right corner, clockwise, the shrimp dumpling, crispy corn cakes, siu mai and (cold) beef tripe. Prices range between $3.50 - $4 each.

The dumplings and siu mai were good, though missing the fish roe topping. The corn cakes, (basically have corn kernels, green onion in a batter, pan fried) were not something I normally see on a dim sum menu. Good for sharing around the table.

The tripe was prepared almost like a salad, cold, with some kind of sauce. I preferred the steam method, with ginger.

We continued with an extra order of the steamed BBQ pork buns before mango pudding for desert.

The buns were bigger than regular dim sum size, hence there were only 2 per basket instead of 3-4. The server got my order mixed up with a different kind of buns, but she didn't charge me for them.

The pudding tasted good but is quite small. I was used to the bright yellow colour and a larger size of mango pudding at other dim sum places I went to, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Squirt did pick up a coconut tart from the pastry selection but I forgot to take a picture. Note that after 6pm, the milk and egg tart (and some selected bread) are B2G1F :)

To sum it up, Yeh! is definitely a refreshing experience. Kee Heong is good for a quick dim sum lunch with friends or a snack to tie you over until dinner.