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NOTD: LA Girl Sandy Beach

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Textured nail polish for the world, still lol! I literally jumped from one texture shade to the next when I changed my mani without feeling enough of them. This trend definitely lasts longer with me than the crackles.

This is LA Girl Sand Blast nail polish in Sandy Beach, a beautiful deep navy blue. The pic was taken in the shade, no flash in an effort to show you the true colour of this navy. It was deep and that was the beauty of it :)

I only did one coat, started out with a thin coat on the index finger but then wanted a bit more depth so I did thicker coats on the rest of my fingers.

The colour showed up lighter in the sun, felt like I had different shades of blue on the nails at different time and lighting lol.

I think I said it before that textures have replaced matte nail polish as "emergency" colours for me. Being one coaters and not requiring a top coat, they are perfect when I am in a rush.

With the number of brands and colours they are available in, with or without glitters, we have lots to chose from. So far I have only tried LA Girl, OPI and Jesse's Girl and I haven't come across a texture I didn't like :)

I'm trying to show you the depth of this colour here, thick coats definitely win. LA Girl's textures have similar grittiness as Jesse's Girl's, not as intense as OPI's but I don't mind either one.

How have you guys been? I still can't wrap my mind around packing in full force, so I'm taking my time, trying not to overwhelm myself. My mind is always on super thinking mode, it is hard to sleep.

Anyway, I am looking toward to the Canada Day long weekend to just keep up with things. The forecast at this point said we're getting rain way into Monday lol.

Have a great day everyone, rain or shine :)


  1. I also found that the wear was quite good. I wore the OPI one without any issues for several days. Oh man~ Hope that packing is going well!