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Essence Sun Kissed collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I spotted an Essence Sun Kissed collection display, you guys! This collection is not big to start, then we get a smaller number of shades and product selection. The liners and shimmery spray did not seem to make it here.

The lipsticks, from L-R: Soak up the Sun and Hello Summer!, supposed to be semi transparent with gel-like texture.

A cheek tint in Hello Summer!, with gel texture.

And Soft Touch eyeshadows - My Sunny Side (left) and Sunset Paradise (right), meant to be long lasting, creamy and metallic.

I skipped the compact shimmer powder in Sunset Beauty and the three nail polish, wasn't wowed by any of them.

Swatches, first the cheek tint and lipsticks.

The Hello Summer! cheek tint looks dark plum in the tube, comes out red (shown in the pic, on the far left) and blends out a pink.

The pump gives good control of the amount of product discharged. The obvious side effect of a tint is that it stains your finger if you don't use a brush (or it'll stain your brush too).

It takes very little product to stain both cheeks, and it lasts well on me, through a hot day.

Soak up the Sun at least has some colour sheen, while Hello Summer! is almost invisible, but both have add beautiful shine to the lips. The sticker on the product says these "stain the skin", I think it means they give the lips a stained look, not opaque.

The eyeshadows, swatched with a dry and then damp brush without a primer. More semi sheer colours here.

My Sunny Side is mostly sparkles, gives a bit of gold tone when wet. Sunset Paradise is a darker navy than the colour on the jar cap. It takes quite a bit of work to get them show up like this.

The name is appropriate as they are soft to the touch. The jar is small, so an eyeshadow brush would fit better than your finger.

One problem to add, the eyeshadows seem to already come lose from the edges, as they make noise when I shake the jar :(

All in all, I would totally recommend the cheek tint (wish we get the other shade that Europe has too), and maybe the Soak up the Sun lipstick if you want a sheer colour. The eyeshadows? Not so much, unless you are willing to spend some time building them up over a primer.

A quick look I did with Sun Kissed products, check out the full FOTD post for more looks, product information and the reveal of the tricky foundation I tested :)


  1. I saw the polishes on another blog, the blue was nice. None of these grab me though it might be a way to try a cheek stain inexpensively. trying to be on a low buy at the moment though so I'll be skipping these :) Sad we didn't get the whole collection though!

  2. Good luck on the low buy to you, I can't do it even if I try :)